Wednesday, May 24, 2017

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Belajar Bahasa Russia untuk Pemula Ep 5 Pelaratan Makan

Belajar Bahasa Russia untuk Pemula
Pelajaran ke 5 Pelaratan Makan

Тарелка = Тaryelka = Piring
Стакан = Stakan = Gelas
Ложка = Lozka = Sendok
Вилка = Vilka = Garpu

можно = Boleh, bisa jadi, mungkin
Нет = nyet = tidak, bukan
Да = da, iya

одна тарелка
одна ложка
одна вилка

один стакан

можно ложка ?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Beautifull Adzan From Kazan, Tatarstan - Eniler Mosque

The beautiful Azan by student of Russian Islamic University . The location is Eniler Mosque which is located in front of Russian Ismalic University, Kazan, Tatarstan.

Monday, April 03, 2017

Baku City Tour - Seaside of Caspian Sea

Hello Youtubers, In this vidoe i would like to tell you about, How do we enjoy the spring in Baku Azerbaijan.

As you see in the video, we were visiting Park Boulevard, it is situated in the seaside of Caspian sea, in the downtown Baku

Well, yes the world is waking up from the cold winter. The flowers are flourishing, Everyone all ages seems happily enjoying the warm of the sun

Oh thi is ferris wheel which is well-known in Baku Baku Eye, you can see from the top of Baku Eye the whole Baku City.

The sky is getting dark, but people are still here, spending their time with family or even . And look some of them are running or having exercises .

And you sport has no gender and ages,

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Belajar bahasa Russia untuk Pemula - 4 Menanyakan Harga

Belajar bahasa Russia untuk Pemula
Pelajaran ke 4, Menanyakan Harga

сколько это стоит ? = Skolko eto stoit ? = Berapa harganya ini?

сколько = Skolko = Berapa
стоит = Stoit = Harga

мы хотим узнать, сколько это стоит ?
Mi hotim uznat, skolko eto stoit?
Kita mau tau, berapa harganya ini?

Хотим = hotim = kita mau

я хочу купить = Ia hochu Kupit = Saya mau beli

хочу = hochu = Saya mau
купить = Kupit = beli
да = da = iya

коробка = korobka = Kardus
тарелка = Tarelka = piring
магнит = magnit = mahnet

один = odin = satu
два = Dva = dua
три = tri = tiga
четыре = chеtiri = empat
пять = Pyat = Empat


Belajar Bahasa Russia untuk Pemula = 3 Siapa ini apa ini

Belajar Bahasa Russia Untuk Pemula

Pelajaran ke 3 = Siapa ini, apa ini

Дорогие друзья = dorogiye druzya, dear friends.

Кто это = kto eto, siapa ini
Что это = shto eto, apa ini.

Untuk latihan, bisa dibaca dan diterjemahkan kalimat dibawah ini

кто это, кто я,
кто он, кто она,
кто ты?

что я, что ты,
ты что, что это,
это что?

Спасибо = Spasibo, Terima kasih

Belajar Bahasa Russia Untuk Pemula - 2 Kata Ganti

Belajar Bahasa Russia Untuk Pemula - 2 Kata Ganti
Pelajaran 2 kata ganti

Местоимения / Pronoun
Я / Ya : Saya
Ты / Ti : kamu
Он /On : Dia laki-laki
Она / Ana : Dai Perempuan

Мы / mi : Kita
Вы / Vi : Anda /kalisn
Они : Ani / mereka

Dalam bahasa Russia ada istilah gender:
Feminim / Biasanya diakiri huruf a/ya
Машина = Mashina = Mobil
Ручка = ....... (Diisi sendiri) = Pulpen
Школа = ........ = Sekolahan

Maskulin / Biasanya diakiri huruf konsonan
Дом = ....... Rumah
Телефон = ..... Telepon
компютер = ..... komputer

радио = ......
меню = ........
Пальто = ......

Belajar Bahasa Russia Untuk Pemula 1 Menyapa

Pelajaran Pertama

Menyapa Orang dalam Bahasa Russia

ПРИВЕТ / Privet = Hi > Untuk orang sebaya, seumuran
Здравствуйте / Zdra(v)stvuite = Halo

Доброе утро / Dobroe Utro = Selamat Pagi
добрый день / Dobri Den = Selamat Siang
добрый вечер / DObri Vecher = Selamat sore
Спокой ночи / Spokoi nochi = Selamat malam / good night

До свидания / Da Svidaniya
До Завтра / Da Zavtra

Friday, March 31, 2017

Baku City Tour - March Navruz Festival

Pada Minggu ketiga bulan Maret, di Azerbaijan terdapat sebuah perayaan yang dikenal dengan nama Navruz. Navruz adalah hari libur dalam rangka menyambut musim semi, sebagai musim peralihan dari musim dingin ke musim Panas.

Di hari-hari ini masyarakat Azerbaijan akan bersuka cita sebagai simbol dimulainya kehidupan baru setelah dunia ini tidur selama musim semi. Setelah Navruz ini kehidupan bercocok tanam akan dimulai karena Bumi sudah siap untuk digarap.

Pada hari Navruz, instansi instansi pemerintah dan beberapa perkantoran libur bersama.

In Azerbaijan there is a special holiday named Navruz which is settled in March (3rd week of March). As well-known that Navruz is holiday for welcoming Spring. In these days Azerbaijani people do not have any activity such as official or governmental work, study.
People completely is sitting at home, resting, and having time for their family.

Thursday, March 30, 2017


I called it Indo Russia Song.
The song that is exist not only in Indonesia but also in Russian version and exactly well-known in both of countries "Panon Hideung / ОЧИ ЧОРНЫЕ "

The song tells us that the relation between two countries is colored by romantic stories.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Qabala - Azerbaijan

Dear, Friends !
In my previous videos, i talked about my trip in Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan. And in this
video i wolud like to talk about my trip out of Baku. In the begining of this year we went to Qabala.

It is one of Region in Azerbaijan, located about 220 km from Baku.

We could reach Qabala in many ways such as, by private car, bus, or Taxi. But I prefer using Taxi to
using Bus. Using Taxi is more comfortable, the cost is about 14 Azn for each person.
But we also can join to tour program that is arranged by local travel agent. The travel agent will provide all needs such as accomodation, meal, and hotel.

In my trips, we only visited a no tourist destination. But we visit my friend familly who are living in
a village.

yea, I and my wife would rather visit a natural landscape than visit a modern or constructed view. We

like river, trees, water and fresh air to mall, supermarket or other modern life style.

In this video i show you how interesting village view is.

In Qabala, there is also a famous SKI area, which is also known as Kanat. It's like a cable car which
is transfering people from the down to the top and as taking back to the down.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

How Did I Live in Russia?

Halo, My name is Najib. And I am from Indonesia.
I lived in Russia for three years, in Yekaterinburg City Sverdlovsk Province.
I studied Philosophy Faculty, Study of Religion Chair.

Well, living in Russia is very interesting. I did not find any obstacles in my study, except one, that was the language.

But in general, living in Russia gave me precious experiences and priceless live.
When I was in Russia I was a student, an Indonesian, and a Moeslem.

As a foreign student I must learn not only Russian language, but also many lessons in my faculty.

As an Indonesian, I must promote and introduce my country to all people because when usually when I walked on the street people thought that I am Chinese, Uzbek or Kazakh. No I am an Indonesian.

And my most difficult duty in Russia is, when I was a moeslem. It was very difficult when you live as minority and you must explain the essence of your religion.

At that time, since 2010 the world has been getting worse. Many conflict has been arising, in the worst conflict is the conflict in the name of religion. Or people would be linking the conflict with Islam. and there was bias about islam.

But I was very grateful. I lived in student dormitory with many friends with different background. There are Indonesian moeslem, Christian, Catholic, Thai buddist, Korean, Orthodox and many more.

We lived in harmony. Regardless the differences we have we could in harmony instead.
That’s all my story. And please keep in touch always. Youi can contact me by subscribing this channel or my twitter or facebook.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Baku Weekend City Tour

Baku, the Capital of the republic of Azerbaijan, is the beautiful city. It has many enjoyable views such as Dagustu Park, Flame Tower, Boulevard Park (Bulvar), and also Caspian Sea.

The city is decorated by many historical building. So, come to Baku !!!

Novruz Festifal Baku Azerbaijan

Novruz Bayram adalah hari dimana masyarakat akan menyambut kedatangan musim semi. Dimana masyarakat akan kembali bercocok tanam.

Baku city tour - Heydar Aliyev Center

Halo Ketemu lagi dengan saya, Kali ini saya akan menceritakan salah satu tempat yang bagus yang berada di Baku, yaitu Heydar Aliyev Center.

Langsung saja, Heydar Aliyev center ini adalah auditorium, gallery dan museum.

Isi dari galery museumnya sangat beragam, dari Karya seni modern sampai benda-benda prasejarah pun ada. Maaf bahannya kurang, bisa search lagi untuk tambahan informasi.

Tapi, yang tidak kalah pentingnya, adalah diluar gedung Heydar Aliyev Center ini ada spot bagus , pas untuk mengabadikan moment berharga kita.

Hi, nice to see you again. Hereby, i would like to tell you one of good destination when you are in Baku. The place is Heydar Aliyev Center.

Heydar Aliyev Center is Hall, Gallery and Museum.

The are many collections in the mesueum, not only contemporary modern art but also ancient historical collections. Unfortunately, I can not share you due to less collection.

If you visit this museum, please do not miss it's yard. It is very beautiful to make memorable moment with your friends, family or soulmate.