Sunday, October 07, 2012

Russian Fall

Today morning, i walked to university. While walking to university i enjoyed the cloudy fall in Yekaterinburg.
Tramvay, one of Public Transport of Yekaterinburg is passing Kubisheva street.
Tramvay, one of Public Transport of Yekaterinburg is passing Kubisheva street.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Keep Shalat

sometimes, when i forget my sajdah. i set the table
as my praying layer.
I'm Indonesian Muslim. I have been living in Russia almost three years. i'm have been studying in Ural Federal University. here, i would like to share my experiences as a Muslim who is living in Russia. i can say, that in Russia i find different sphere specially in Islamic live style.

When i was in Indonesia, i never found problems with my identity as a Muslim. I can practicing my faith and my religion as easy as i want. For simple sample, when the prayer time comes, i can do prayer where ever, in school, in Mall, in Hospital or even in gasoline station. it's not strange thing.

But after coming to Russia, it's completely different. Russia is secular country. The religion is separate from government affairs. So, many people do not know about religion. People only know about Christian orthodox as a, we can say, the religion of country. The religious studies is only began  this year.

There is no official religious days for other orthodox. In Schools, university, firms, there is no special break time for Muslim to do shalat when the time comes. Therefore, Muslim must run for finding time and suitable place to do shalat. As what we now, shalat is obligation for all Muslims regardless who they are.

There is one university that provide public room for praying, whic is named Ural Gosudorstvenni Gorne Universitet (UrGGU). But, unfortunately, i don't study there.

As what i do, when i have a lecture in university, i take with me my sajdah. And if there is break between lecture i look for quiet place to do prayer. I run around if there any quiet class ? if i forget my sajdah, i set the table as my praying layer.

After finding quiet a class, i set sajdah toward Kaaba.