Thursday, June 11, 2009

Azhari’s feeling outpouring

zhari’s feeling outpouring
Live from Indonesia

By : Muhamad Zainun Najib, Lc

I’ts only which I can share to all of you who will be azhari graduate (do good thinking and preparation before lefting The Beloved Egypt). What I wrote here tells about my experience after graduate, my strategy to get my dreams (even I didn’t get yet,still in prosses) and what a hard applying for job is.

Well, I graduated from Al-azhar university in theology faculty, section creed and philosophy with honor good on august 2008.

I decided to go home nevertheless many garduates would continue their study to higher level –post graduate program. There a question why I took this decision, because in my opinion, I couldn’t study and learn magister program seriously in Egypt. I saw many post-gradute students didn’t truly (from deep of their hearth) take this program ­­–but it’s based on each personal, I’m not standard in it. Some of them had other porpouse while studying in egypt –like seasional job, basically it’s good idea as a basic asset but I have other considerations so I had to back.

before coming back to Indonesia with all my bravery I had. although no money in my wallet, I decided to go home to found the new life.

Absolutelly I had a greet willing to continue my study or get job in state departement (oh my God it’s my dream please make what I wish come true) so to get all of this I went to Pare, East Java. learning English is actually needed not only in looking for job but also in looking for scholarship.

3 months I was there exactly in Elfsat (I love you elfast..) which takes more pressing in grammer and 2 weeks in Butterfly for special speaking.

Finishing courses, I went home and in the same time my uncle was sick in Hospital for liver attack and finally he dead (God bless him). While looking for my uncle everyday I bought newspaper and read adverstisment wrote on it. A month lived in hospital I wa applying some vacancies. And the calling for interview came but I didn’t take this opportunity because my uncle dead that day. 3 days after my uncle called by the God I got other calling from an other firm after talking to the family I left home going to Jakarta.

I had a funny experience when I was doing my first interview. I looked a silly boy. I was nervous I can’t magine how my condition was. A week after interview they didn’t call me again it’s mean that I was fired out from the Firm. While waiting for my first interview result I was sending some application letter to several educational institution.. praise to God, I was called for interview again.. I did 2 examinations in this second opportunities, a general interview and fit and propertest….but I was kicked out again..

finally after one month I had been being in Jakarta I get my third interview and alkhamdulillah I succes in it, and now my status isnt jobless again. I’ll be a teacher in one of islamic private school in Depok, West Java.

In my oppinion special for azhar graduate, all of you must prepare from now, don’t waste your time by watching, go around or sleeping. Good managerial time is needed here. If you have it, it’s benefit for you because when the time would come you would be a ready person.

What will be done by an Azhari ?

Don’t affraind about which career you will enter on. There are many vacancies and job opportunities in our country (publishing, education, industry etc). don’t affarid in any major you are now because many vacancies accept graduates from any major –doesn’t differ about major. We know when in egypt we study about islamic studies which has no relation with administration, marketing, sales or samething like that, so one of the most important thing is you must have many skills –either in general knowledge or good communication. Many azharies have been making their career in which hasn’t relation with what they studied previously.

You are a Azhari. You have a good reputation but don’t proud of it. Because the good reputation is heavy responsibilities you must bear.

While growing their career, some azharies continue their post-graduate program in Big City in Indonesia as in Jogjakarta (UIN, UGM, UII) , in Jakarta (UI, UIN) or in overseas. Other Azharies go home for actualling what they got in Egypt.

Usually, after coming back from egypt Azharies make their career as a civil servant, a journalist, publishing/translator, in education as a teacher/lecture, travelling service, a priests or entrepeneur based on the skills the have.

There are 2 choice of place in which all of you can applicate your selves. In your village/province or in The Capital City, Jakarta. The profit which will you get if you will live in your own town are you know about peoples’ character around you, additional living cost – rent or eating- isn’t necessary here because you live with family, you can breath the clean air and fresh water out of your home but the monthly wage –salary- isnt big as the salary in Capital city.

The profit which will you get if you get job in Capital City; you get bigger salary than in other province, many information you can get fastly, you can make a benefit link in capital City. But you will spend monthly budget more than you live in village.

Finally I say all of things are depend on our personality. You know your world, your dreams. Your decision must be the best decision. Don’t be lazy in Egypt. Remember that one day you’ll go home. and think what will you do ?! grow your awareness that you bear heavy responsibilitis as Azhari or as parents’ hope. Wa Alahu ‘alam bi as-sowab.